Inshore Fishing Tips

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Increase Your Inshore IQ:Inshore Fishing Tips for Avid Anglers Knowing where to start your search for inshore fish is half the battle of catching them.  Achieving inshore saltwater success from a boat or the bank is a relatively rudimentary task once you understand the basics. Knowing where to begin your search for fish is half the battle of being successful.  Fish, like humans and all other animals, have places they prefer to hang out. Several variables can dictate where fish are at any given time. Variables like weather, seasonality, tides (and their subsequent strength and/or weakness), availability of cover and forage, as well as water conditions (turbidity (clarity) and salinity) all contribute to a fish’s geographical location.  However, there are certain “go-to” places—fish magnets if you will—where fish congregate throughout the...

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